Oplandske Bokforlag was founded in 1989 and is today a well-established academic publishing company that publishes scientific literature by authors from institutions across the country. The company is an approved channel for scientific publishing and follows national guidelines for quality assurance through peer review and the requirements for the overall linguistic quality.

In addition to academic books, we publish fiction and books about local and regional topics.
With headquarters in Inland Norway, Oplandske Bokforlag aims to be an active nation conveyor of knowledge for universities and colleges.
Through its publications, Oplandske Bokforlag also desires to promote a stronger awareness of the Inland region's identity and to increase knowledge of and familiarity with the region. The company wants to be a central publisher in the culture and education sector in Inland Norway, but will also take on missions for the business community and the public sector.
Oplandske Bokforlag has scientific publications by authors from many institutions of higher education, including Lillehammer University College, Nesna University College, University of Tromsø, University of Oslo, Eastern Norway Research Institute, Hedmark University College and Oslo University College.
The company also works with experts from foreign colleges and universities, including University of Stockholm, Gothenburg University, University of Copenhagen, University of Toronto, University of Birmingham and Strathclyde University.
So far, most of the releases have been in the fields of education and linguistics, but the list of publications also includes book within science, health and sports and social sciences in general. The company wants to expand its activity to other academic areas.

Academic publications are mainly released in two series: Vardeserien and Svaleserien. The first series includes scientific monographs and anthologies of scientific articles, the second general reference books and textbooks for higher education.

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